About me

Hi, I’m Christian Putzke.

As a developer with 8+ years of experience in the games industry I’ve been working on mobile games, pc ports, browser games, prototypes and even a board game but also on tools, build- and backend systems.

I’ve joined existing teams and helped getting games over the finish line but also worked on games from early prototypes to the live operation phase.

I love to develop games, think about every aspect of them and currently working on the free 2 play mobile game Pet Paradise at TreasureHunt in Berlin.

With my wife, my two little princesses and my cat I live in the wonderful city of Falkensee near Berlin, Germany.

Besides spending time with family and friends, I’m a passionate console-, computer- and board-gamer, Game-& Software-Developer and creator of Open Source Software.

Furthermore I listen to podcasts, enjoy reading books, especially with a fantasy or SciFi setting, but also about astronomy. If there is some time left, I also like to watch the night sky with my telescope.

You can find me on GitHub, LinkedIn and Xing.